Now there’s a safer, all natural way to fight inflammation, reduce oxidative stress, and increase cellular energy; The 3 keys to vibrant health.

These 3 keys unlock your body’s true potential:

  • Increase Energy, Focus, and Stamina
  • Boost Metabolism and Improve Body Composition
  • Support Brain, Heart and Eye Health
  • Reduce Aches and Discomforts
  • Age-Defying Skin and Beauty







   I lost 8 lbs in just one month, although it feels like more

Rob L, Kelowna 

Your Health & Well Being Is Facing A Big Challenge

As you age, your body has to deal with more free radicals than it was designed handle.

This causes oxidative stress and inflammation; 2 of the major drivers behind fatigue, aging and almost all diseases. 

And unfortunately, the damage being done may not even be seen or felt until it’s just too late.

No one is immune to the growing list of modern day lifestyles factors that produce an ever increasing burden our bodies just weren’t designed to handle. 

Just a few of the many free radical triggers:

  • Aging
  • Diet
  • Lack of sleep
  • Medications
  • Life, work, & physical stress
  • Pollution and toxins
  • Alcohol
  • Even menopause!

This heavy burden is not only damaging our cells and DNA inside them, but also decreasing the mitochondria’s, your power generators, ability to produce energy efficiently. (You haven’t noticed your metabolism slowing down like mine was, have you?)

It takes healthy energetic cells to have a healthy energetic body

Reducing the inflammation and damage done by these free radicals is an important part of feeling young and maintaining your health.

So we should just take more antioxidants then, right?

The Problem: Most antioxidants don’t discriminate

Contrary to the over simplified story fed to us by the media, not all free radicals are bad.

Some are actually vitally important and essential for life.

If we reduce too many or go after the wrong ones, our health can actually get drastically worse.

So how do we stop the toxic, energy zapping, free radicals but spare the important ones?

The solution was too challenging for a supplement

Until now...

We Solve This Problem In 3 Important Ways

  1. Selective Reduction: Attack only the cell toxic, DNA damaging, energy robbing free radicals
  2. Prevention: Decrease the number of bad free radicals being created in the first place
  3. Activation: Stimulate your body's very own intelligent protective pathways


Redoxol H2

Hydrogen Rich Water 

for the first time since becoming pregnant I had real energy

Manya Q, Naramata 

Molecular Hydrogen: Unlikely Discovery, Turned Health &

Wellness Breakthrough

With a long history of use in applications like deep sea diving, it wasn’t until a landmark study by Japanese researches published in the journal Nature in 2007 that anybody realized the protective and healing potential of hydrogen.

That initial paper has been followed by over 1000 scientific studies that have proven its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and therapeutic benefits in over 170 disease models and basically every organ in the body.

An antioxidant gas, it’s the smallest and most abundant molecule in the universe. In our bodies it plays a number of different roles from selective antioxidant to cell signaling and even affects which genes get expressed.

Found naturally occurring in many of the world’s famous healing waters and springs, it is also produced by bacteria in guts and we have evolved with this constant exposure which is one of the reasons it is so safe. 

It’s small physical size and unique bioavailability allow it penetrate deeper and carry out its protective actions in places other supplements just can’t.

There are a few ways to ingest hydrogen, but research has shown that the pulsed dose and concentration supplied by drinking hydrogen rich water is one of the most effective ways to experience the many profound benefits.

Redoxol H2 is an all natural effervescent tablet that instantly turns any beverage into a hydrogen rich health tonic that contains a higher concentration of hydrogen than is available with any other method.

It’s easy to see why everybody is getting so excited about it! 

results speak for themselves, within the first week I noticed a difference

Victor J, Port Coquitlam

Widely available in Japan where it is even used in hospitals, this exciting discovery is finally coming to America and has recently been featured in these noteworthy publications:

I feel 15 years younger...

Erik T, Burnaby

Redoxol H2 Helps to Fight Free Radical Damage and Inflammation in the Body!

Just 2 glasses of our hydrogen rich water a day puts you back in control of your body, brain, energy, and how you age.

Ready to Supercharge Your Health?

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Turn back the clock with age-reducing beauty

Enjoy sustainable energy, without a crash

Boost your metabolism & improve body composition

Aging on your terms

Support for what's important: Brain, Heart, and Eye Health

Promotes Cardio Health

Neuro protection for focus and clarity

Supports liver health & detoxification

Reduces aches and discomforts

Sports Performance & Recovery

Diny H, Revelstoke

"noticed my energy increased, my endurance increased"

I have been using Molecular Hydrogen for about 2 years as part of a strict lifestyle and diet regime as I had had breast cancer and had done a successful alternative treatment in Germany.

I fully noticed my energy increased, my endurance increased and my recovery time from sports was shorter.

I switched to Mito Essentials brand about a year ago. It seems to be a superior product and it is easier to take (sealed glass bottle not necessary).

As a mountain guide at age 60, I am still ski guiding 60-70 days a winter, I love kitesurfing...averaging over 100 days a year, I rock climb about 70 days, mountain bike about 50 days...all at pretty high end. What truly excites me about molecular hydrogen is that I can continue at the same high level of activity. My endurance is better than before, my recovery is quick (age slows recovery so I am super stoked in that one ) and my overall energy is impressive.

Last summer I kited 20 days out of 24, i would take MH twice a day..I doubled up on the morning dose once I realized how my endurance really picked up..I mean wow..I give Mito Essentials a 5 star rating.

I recently injured a calf muscle and I feel that the MH is helping me to heal quickly…

Its been 10 days and I can feel a significant difference daily in pain levels and mobility.

Thank you, thank you.

Rob L, Kelowna

"lost 8 lbs in just one month, although it feels like more"

I give Redoxol H2 5 stars here's why: Dissolves quick, pretty much tasteless, I have seen my belt tighten up 2 notches and lost 8 lbs in just one month, although it feels like more weight has come off, my over all flexibility has improved with the pain in my ankle and knee from injures has also improved making me feel that I can do a lot more now.

Thanks a lot Redoxol H2!

Manya Q, Naramata

"for the first time since becoming pregnant I had real energy"

I started taking Redoxal H2 twice daily around 6 months postpartum because I heard it had dramatic effects on energy which, let’s face it every mama could use at this stage. What I found was surprising, while I had no obvious signs of increased energy in my day to day - I found that my endurance during activity completely sky rocketed. I did an 8 mile hike in Hawaii with my daughter on my back the whole time and I was literally running up this monster hike. In my head I couldn’t believe that I had this much power, strength, stamina. I felt like I could just keep going. It was a huge boost for me; for the first time since becoming pregnant I had real energy — possibly more than I’d ever experienced in my life.

I love Redoxol - it’s a product that I will continue to include in my health regime & I’m keen to share with family & friends.

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My doctors are blown away at my recovery speed

Joanna C, Los Angeles

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Redoxol H2: Is The Easiest Move You’ve Ever Made For Your Health

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Just drop one of our effervescent tablets into your favorite drink and you instantly have a refreshing health tonic, anywhere, anytime.

Easy As...​​​​


Drop in your favorite drink




Enjoy your vitality!

After a few days I began to experience rapid and powerful benefits

Mackoy C, Coquitlam


FAST: Ready in 1 minute in an open glass, no waiting 15 minutes or messy overflowing water bottles to deal with

EASY: Fight aging, inflammation and free radical damage with a refreshing glass of hydrogen rich water

POTENT: Nano bubble technology allows us to produce up to 10x the concentration of our competitors

AFFORDABLE: Most cost effective hydrogen solution on the market, and just a fraction of cost of your daily coffee

PORTABLE: Enjoy your hydrogen water wherever you need it most; at work, the gym, or even an airplane

NO COMPROMISES: Non GMO, GMP certified, 3rd party tested for purity, made in the USA

FREE FROM ALLERGENS: Dairy, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, gluten, soy, colors, preservatives

highly recommend Redoxol H2 for anybody who wants their energy back

Brandon J, Lahaina

A Few F.A.Q's...

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How does Redoxol H2 hydrogen rich water taste?

Is it safe?

What are nano-bubbles?

I see the tablet is made from magnesium, why?

How much Redoxol H2 should I take and how often?

What’s the difference between tablets and hydrogen machines and water bottles?

How does the subscription work?

What makes Redoxol H2 so much more bioavailable than other antioxidants?

How else is Redoxol H2 different from other antioxidants?

my headaches went away, and my neck and back became manageable

Julius Z, Austin TX

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Mito Essentials Redoxol H2 contains only the purest, most natural, and healthiest ingredients we could find, so it remains: free from GMO’s, gluten, soy, preservatives, colors, common allergens, and is paleo, keto and vegan friendly.

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This hydrating, simple daily habit sets you up for a healthy future.

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Think about it, you are going to drink a glass of water every day anyways, doesn’t it make sense to turn it into an age-defying health tonic?

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